Digitization is a major challenge for society. It changes our means of communication and the way we see the world – also in the political sphere. 

Traditional media companies are still struggeling to adapt to that new reality. Fact is that public opinion is shaped by a different kind of platforms nowadays, which are part of the so called attention economy. This is even more fatal, as the approach of those companies follows a pure advertising logic. 

For social coexistence to succeed and our underlying political systems to remain stable, we depend on having access to valid information, relevant sources and platforms fostering a constructive debate, not clickbait.

This is why we seek to build a platform that allows every user to participate in the shared value creation – intellectually as well as economically.

Our goal is not the perfect consumer, but mature, enlightened citizens as a vital part of a liberal-democratic knowledge and information society.

A nonprofit association monitors this commitment. And to ensure that this remains the case aslso for the generations to come, we have firmly anchored this claim in our shareholder's agreement, which is legally binding for all of our shareholders.

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