It's really quite simple: Every time someone buys a book because of one of your recommendations, you participate in the sale and earn 10% of the sales price as a commission fee.

Why? Because it's fair. 

It was your friend (or follower) buying the book, and it was your review triggering the sale. 

Companies spend gazillions on so called social media platforms in order to draw attention to their products. What makes those platforms valuable is you as a user, the contacts you have and the content you produce – your reviews for example. Usually, you do that for free. And the platform cuts the proceeds. Sometimes it also earns a commission on top, as it partners with online shops. Found that book on ABC? Buy it on XYZ! 

That's not the way it works on mojoreads. Because we don't want to make money on your expense. We want to establish is a mutually beneficial partnership for all parties inside the book industry. You are a vital part of this! Which is why you earn your share.  

So how does that work exactly?

If someone discovers a book because of one of your activities – be it because you've given mojo to a book, because you've written a review, commented on a passage, or simply mentioned the book, which eventually leads to a sale, you will be credited with 10% of the sales price.

Does this work outside of mojoreads as well?

Yes! Any post or link you share through the SHARE function includes a so-called referrer – an individual code that signals who shared that link. If someone clicks on that link, our system will know that it was you sharing it and set a cookie. That way you will be credited with a 10% sales on every sales that particular user makes within the next 30 days. (The books bought remain anonymous, though.)

Yes, because any links you share outside mojoreads via our SHARE feature – be it on social networks, your website, or your blog – are real affiliate links that entitle you to earn your share on mojoreads.

The reason why we are quite generous on that is that each of these links also means promotion not only for the particular book, but for mojoreads as well, which also brings in additional customers. 

That is the very principle behind the success of companies like Facebook or Twitter and what makes these companies so valuable today. Only that we see you as a partner and not as a product, so we share our proceeds.

In this case, direct recommendation (for example, through a review or a mojo) beats the general cookie, since writing something means more work than sharing a link. So if you bother to give a mojo or write a review, and a new user who was actually "recruited" by someone else will then buy the book, you will receive the commission.

On the other hand, if a new customer, who was actually brought in by you, buys a book because of someone else's direct recommendation, that person gets the share. This way everyone benefits.

You have further questions? 

Please feel free to contact our support via one of the usual ways:

• as a post on the platform with a @-mention to us = @support

• as a post in our feedback group:

• via the green Intercom support chat down below in the right corner (that green bubble)

• or by email to

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